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Updates and stuff...

Posted by: chad

Well, what has been going on in the world of Horseshoes & Handgrenades?

Here goes…

We are currently trying to write some new material. So far, we have broken out two new songs. The first one is "Let Go". The newest one to our list is "Roads? Where we're going, we don't need Roads". Yes, it's a long name. So, keep an ear open or two for that matter for those two new songs. We are very proud of them. We are always writing, so be on the lookout for some more.

Well, we recorded "Tides" and "Right Here" back in October and we will be trying to get those out to y'all on CD for a free. We are still selling our EP "For Each Other" for $3.

Also, we will be working on getting new shirts for you guys, maybe tanks and panties for the ladies and yes, we are finally going to get some stickers made. Our drummer Matt is working on that, so hopefully, we will have those soon. Not to mention, we are selling our current shirts for $5. So, if you want a CD and a shirt, you can get them both for $7. Yes, we know $5 and $3 adds up to $8. We figured that we would take another dollar off for you guys. :)

What's that? Do we have plans to record a full length CD? Well, guess what? We do. I think we are shooting for sometime either Spring of '08 or the fall. Not sure on that, but we will keep y'all updated as time goes by. Actually, we will be trying to record a LIVE CD real soon. We want to be able to let you guys hear all of our tunes in your car, so that's why we will record a LIVE CD. Be on the lookout for that in the near future.

Lastly, we will be redoing our Myspace page as well as our website. We are going to bring something fresh to the table, so be prepared for that. Hopefully, you will be seeing the changes soon.

On a side note..I'm going to try to get Marshall to post all of the lyrics to all of the songs, that way you guys can sing along in your car or at a show

In the meantime, visit the myspace and website…listen to our music and watch out for upcoming shows. Oh, we might be doing a summer tour of the southern states this summer. We will let you know about that. Our next show is in Houma at the Brickhouse w/ The Light Up District. Oh, if you come to a show, you are eligible to catch a free shirt or CD, not to mention, you may be able to get on stage to rock out with us.

Take care everyone and remember, support local original music. Your support does help!


Horseshoes & Handgrenades

This entry was posted on Tuesday, March 13, 2007 at 2:11 am

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